Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The Suburban Cocktail

The Suburban Cocktail

A dark-horse drink for the holidays

Ever heard of the Suburban Cocktail? We’ll wager you haven’t.

But it’s worth getting to know. The Suburban’s unusual blend of rye whiskey, dark rum, and port is warming and cheering – just like the holidays are supposed to be.

Plus, the Suburban is named after a horse race. You may find that fitting as you gallop down the final shopping stretch.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Chorizo and Sweet Potato Chili

Chorizo and Sweet Potato Chili

Spicy and soothing, this is winter comfort food

When the weather turns cold in our part of the world, we like to head south of the border. Culinarily speaking, at least.

Mexican chorizo sausage makes a dynamite chili – especially when you combine its spice with sweet potatoes. Add some tomatoes, beans, and jalapeño pepper for a dish that will warm your heart and make your taste buds smile.

You like to smile, don’t you?

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwich

Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwich

This legendary dish is the perfect home for leftover turkey

Thanksgiving dinner is grand. But then come the leftovers. Turkey again?

No worries. Give those stray slices some swagger in this scrumptious sandwich.

The Kentucky Hot Brown (aka Hot Brown, aka Louisville Hot Brown) is an open-faced turkey sandwich smothered in tangy, cheesy Mornay sauce.

It’s quick and easy to make. So you can get out of the kitchen in plenty of time for those Black Friday sales.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Chicken or Turkey Tetrazzini

Chicken or Turkey Tetrazzini

This baked pasta favorite will liven up your leftovers

It’s November, so there may be turkey in your future. Which means turkey leftovers. Give them a home in this traditional pasta dish and no one will complain about eating remakes. 

And you don’t need to stop with turkey. Tetrazzini works with chicken too. Not to mention seafood and ham.

You may even want to save some leftovers and make this dish for dinner guests. That’s our favorite kind of recycling.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Stone Fence Cocktail

The Stone Fence Cocktail

Ethan Allen’s Green Mountain Boys probably drank this before capturing Fort Ticonderoga

The Stone Fence Cocktail (sometimes called the Stone Wall) predates America’s revolutionary war. More history later.

What you need to know now is that the Stone Fence is a wonderful autumn refresher. It’s great as a predinner drink. Like maybe before your Thanksgiving feast? It also works as a Sunday afternoon sipper while you’re watching football.

Drink this and you’ll be the real winner, no matter how your team fares.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Satan's Whiskers Cocktail

The Satan's Whiskers Cocktail

A classic drink that’s perfect for Halloween

Watch out for those scary little ghosts and goblins! We hear they’re out in force this time of year. Fortunately, they can be deflected with small candy bars.

But you may need something stronger when they haunt your house. So how about
the Satan’s Whiskers Cocktail? It has spooky good flavor and a name that fits right in with Halloween. Plus it’s not too boozy, so you can drink it on a school night.

No trick, just treat.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Pumpkin Gratin

Pumpkin Gratin

This creamy, cheesy dish is like savory pumpkin pie

Can’t get enough pumpkin this time of year? Neither can we. Especially when it’s mixed with cream and gruyère in a savory side dish.

So remember: This pumpkin gratin would love an invitation to your next dinner party. Maybe as a plus one for ham or beef roast.

Or even turkey. We hear you may be serving that in a few weeks.