Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The Sunshine Cocktail

The Sunshine Cocktail
Cool and refreshing, the perfect answer to summer’s heat

Looking for a peppy predinner potation to start your summer evenings? This delightful combo of white rum, dry vermouth, and pineapple juice (with a hint of grenadine to add flavor and color) is just the drink.

Its fruity, snappy flavor will wake up your tastebuds. So share it with your friends and enjoy their delight, too.

Because into each life some sun should shine. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Smacked (Smashed) Cucumber Salad

Smacked (Smashed) Cucumber Salad
Spicy chili crisp livens up this classic Chinese side (or first course)

Cukes! Is there a better veggie for beating summer’s heat?

For a quick pickled version, try them in this Sichuan dish. It combines cudgeled cukes with tangy extras. It’s terrific with Chinese food, of course. But it works just as well with traditional cookout fare. So skip the coleslaw and serve this as a side with pulled pork or barbecued ribs. Or hamburgers and hot dogs.

Smashing good stuff. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The Golden Cadillac Cocktail

The Golden Cadillac Cocktail
This retro celebration-in-a-glass makes a great dessert drink

June celebrations (weddings, Father’s Day, graduations) are great fun. But then come the after-dinner speeches. You need something with heft to get through them. Preferably something that pairs well with dessert.

Enter the Golden Cadillac, a cocktail that was created to celebrate a newly engaged couple. And their car (more history in the notes).

But for now, cheers! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

White Bean and Fresh Greens Salad

 White Bean and Fresh Greens Salad

Arugula and spinach zip up this hearty summer salad

Summertime means salad days. So why not have a quick main-course salad for dinner?

We particularly like to mix white beans (garbanzos are good too) with big handfuls of fresh greens. Add a flavorful vinaigrette, and your dinner prep is done.

Time to eat!

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Barbotage Cocktail

The Barbotage Cocktail
Made with sparkling wine, this drink is sort of like a Mimosa – but with more style

June has arrived! Which means there are plenty of celebrations afoot – weddings, anniversaries, graduations. Time to break out the bubbly.

And we have a cocktail for that! The Barbotage contains sparkling wine, but it’s also fortified with cognac (or brandy) and Grand Marnier. The result is festive flavor with a hint of orange.

Perfect for toasting.