Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Strawberry-Chipotle Soup with Mint

Strawberry-Chipotle Soup with Mint

Fresh OJ adds brightness to this chilled starter

Soup is cool. And in this case, chilled. Which is perfect for the warm weather we’re having in our part of the world.

We particularly like this dish because it allows us to use some of the fresh, ripe strawberries that are showing up in our market. Fruit is inherently sweet, of course. But add a bit of sourness (balsamic vinegar) and spicy heat (chipotle), and you have a savory starter.

Best of all, you can make this dish a day ahead. So any time you’re ready, soup is on.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Cauliflower Potato-Style Salad

Cauliflower Potato-Style Salad

Traditional flavor and savor without all the calories

Memorial Day is coming up soon here in the US. And that means the start of picnic and cookout season. Potato salad is a staple at these events. It’s easy to make, you can prepare it ahead of time, and most everyone loves it.

At least until they step on the scale the following morning. Because potatoes pack some calories.

So why not replace those potatoes with cauliflower? When steamed or blanched, cauliflower’s texture mimics that of boiled potatoes. Plus it combines well with onions, mayo, and the other ingredients in traditional potato salad. And cauliflower contains only about a third the calories of potatoes.

Best of all, cauliflower “potato” salad tastes really good. Who says there’s no (calorie) free lunch?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Strawberry-Chipotle Salsa with Jalapeño

Strawberry-Chipotle Salsa with Jalapeño

Terrific as a dip, even better as a sauce

Fresh, ripe strawberries? We can’t resist. But what to do with all those cartons of luscious berries?

Sweets and desserts are a natural, of course. But strawberries like to go savory once in a while. Especially when they can flaunt a bit of heat, as they do here.

Serve this salsa with tortilla chips as an appetizer. Better yet, pair it with roasted or grilled meat, fish, or fowl. We particularly like to serve it with pork or duck, but it also works well with chicken or salmon.

We always knew strawberries could be saucy. But now they’re really hot.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Blue Moon Cocktail

The Blue Moon Cocktail

This classic drink has rare flavor

Ready to howl? We’ve got a cocktail for that.

May 21st marks the arrival of a blue moon (more on that later). So let’s celebrate! And what better way to toast the occasion than with the event’s namesake drink?

The aromatic Blue Moon Cocktail has just a hint of sweetness, but not too much. Which makes it a perfect pre-dinner libation.

So reach for the moon.