Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Millionaire Cocktail

Millionaire Cocktail

This Prohibition-era classic tastes like a million bucks

Ah, the 1920s. Flappers. Sheiks. Jazz. Prohibition. Bootleggers. A roaring stock market.

Despite Prohibition – or maybe because of it – during the 1920s drinking gained a social acceptance it never had before. And the stock market was creating more millionaires (at least on paper) than history had ever known.

So The Millionaire Cocktail was born. Enjoy it before The Crash comes.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Peach and Chipotle Gazpacho

Peach and Chipotle Gazpacho

This zesty, refreshing vegan starter tames summer heat

The dog days of summer are here in our part of the world. So let’s cool off with gazpacho, shall we?

This peachy version combines sweet summer fruit with savory cukes and bell peppers, then lets them romp in chipotle fire.

Make this soup ahead of time and pop it into the fridge. Then – chill out!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Eclipse Cocktail

Eclipse Cocktail

This classic is perfect for celebrating the August 21st solar eclipse

The US will experience a total eclipse of the sun this month – the first one to completely cross the lower 48 states since 1918.

We’re lucky enough to live near the path of eclipse totality (where the sun is completely covered), so we’re gearing up! Of course, that includes laying in the makings for The Eclipse Cocktail.

It’s not every day you get an eclipse, so drink up!