Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Honolulu Cocktail

The Honolulu Cocktail

OJ and pineapple liven up this 1930s Hollywood thriller

Peak summer means you need peak refreshment. So we’re looking for cocktails that are lively and juicy.

Like the Honolulu Cocktail, which sports orange, pineapple, and lemon juice. The flavor is sunny and soothing, so it’s perfect for hot summer days.


Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Tzatziki Dip, Sauce, and Dressing

Tzatziki Dip, Sauce, and Dressing

Tangy and garlicky, this versatile Greek cucumber-yogurt dish is easy to make

Looking for the perfect summer dish? Tzatziki is here!

It’s quick to prepare (no cooking!) and endlessly versatile. You can serve it as a dip, but it also makes a dandy sauce (it’s particularly nice with chicken or fish). Or use it as dressing for salad. You can even thin it out and serve it as soup.

We’ll drink to that. Make ours an ouzo.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A Farewell to Hemingway Cocktail

A Farewell to Hemingway Cocktail

Created in 1937 using one of the author’s favorite ingredients

Ernest Hemingway liked his drinks. A lot.

He also liked bullfights – and bullfighters. So a friend decided to create a cocktail in honor of Hemingway and one of his matador pals.

Knowing that Hemingway was particularly fond of kirschwasser (cherry brandy), the mix-master made kirsch a star ingredient in the new cocktail. He wound up with a refreshing drink that’s sort of like a Kirsch Collins. Perfect for chasing away summer’s heat.


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Curried Potato Salad

Curried Potato Salad

Add extra savor to a summertime fave

Summer means cook-outs. And cook-outs call for potato salad. QED, no?

But you don’t have to make the same old spud salad next time. Dish up this curry creation instead.

Curry and potatoes are a perfect pair (just look at any Indian restaurant menu for proof). Curry sharpens the potato-y goodness while adding sensational flavor all its own.

So don’t settle for old-school side dishes. Be curr-ageous.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Bicyclette (aka Bicicletta) Cocktail

Bicyclette (aka Bicicletta) Cocktail

This Italian classic is perfect for wine lovers

It’s high summer here, so we’re looking for soothing sippers. Good thing The Bicyclette just rolled in.

This cocktail is tangy and full flavored, but not too high in alcohol. That’s because half the drink is white wine. So it’s a refreshing way to beat the heat.

And because the name means “bicycle,” it’s also the perfect drink for celebrating the Tour de France (our favorite sporting event) – which happens to start this weekend.

Ride – and drink – on.